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THE COMPLETE STORY The Writers Loft Workbook + IMMEDIATE FICTION book + full set of audio lectures + 1 Year of Feedback via Email + 10 page critique at the completion of the course Skype counseling once a month, on-going email chats $499 for non Writers Loft students $299 for Writers Loft Graduates READY TO WRITE YOUR NOVEL BUT NEED A ROAD MAP? THE COMPLETE STORY is an extensive volume of writing exercises, and guided assignments all designed to help you write your story in one year, or at least finish the first draft. Jerry used to have this course priced at over $2,000, and while I feel it’s still worth that, I know that most writers do not have that kind of money to spend on a course. I am lowering the price to $499. (Graduates of the 6-week program get a substantial discount) THIS IS THE EXACT COURSE I USED WHILE WRITING MY FIRST NOVEL. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SELF-DIRECTED COURSE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF EMAIL FEEDBACK FROM ME AS YOU PROGRESS. IF YOU WANT MORE OF A GUIDED COURSE, LOOK INTO THE ONLINE CLASSES. This course will: Help you get started Help keep you going Help you focus on the important elements of craft Lead you through assignments designed to flesh out your story --- The assignments will be emailed to me in order and I will give feedback accordingly Keep you writing during the year This course will be emailed to you in PDF format. Hard copies and mailings will incur an additional charge. Email to get started. MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE