Advanced Workshop




The introductory workshop gives you everything you need to be a successful writer.  You’ll know exactly what to work on and how to work on it but you won’t be a finished writer.  Mastering the craft takes time and practice.  Mastering and perfecting your skills is what the advanced workshop is for.  Also, there are a lot of finer points that come up that don’t get covered in the introductory workshop.


The best practice and greatest catalyst to developing your skills is to be in an atmosphere where writing that has problems is presented.  Even without writing anything you have an opportunity to apply the story craft and get a feel for how any idea can be turned into a successful story.  If you use the time that way, you’re actually improving your writing without writing anything down.  You learn much more from writing that has problems that from perfect writing.  Otherwise you could just read great writing and become a great writer. 


The format of the advanced workshop is three hours (7 to 10 PM).  I don’t lecture.  I have a few things to say at the beginning that take about ten minutes.  Plus there is no in-class writing, which gives us more time for longer manuscripts.  We cover five to seven pages at a time of each person’s work each night.  People are often in the workshop while they write an entire novel but you don’t have to be working on a longer work and can be writing anything you want and jumping around from one thing to another.   The goal is to help you find something you want to work on no matter how long or short it is.


Also, each person sets a goal each week.  You set a goal and report on your progress the next week and set a new goal.  Setting a goal is optional but most people feel it structures their writing outside of class and they get more done.  Your goal can be writing for certain amount of time or a certain number of pages.  Typical goals are: write for five, ten, fifteen, thirty minutes a day; write one, two, or three pages a day; finish a chapter or scene before the next class. 


The workshop is for people who are interested in attending regularly for the longer term and taking their writing all the way to publication.  Attending regularly means attending at least four out of every six classes. 


COST: 4 classes every 6-weeks $380/ 6 Classes 6 Weeks $570


If you’re serious about being a writer, the best thing to do is to get into a good workshop and stay there until you publish.  Good coaching is critical if you don’t want to take forever to develop your skills.  My personal estimate is that you will develop ten times faster with good coaching than with poor coaching or no coaching.